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Your partner for growth

For ambitious companies looking to push their boundaries. With our expertise, we turn your vision into tangible results.

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Why is my growth falling behind?

You know the drill. You have a great product or service, but reaching the right customers feels like an impossible task. The market is saturated, competition is brutal and growth seems further away than ever.

Imagine: you look at the figures at the end of the month and wonder why that deal didn’t close. Or why that promising lead never responded. You feel the pressure, the frustration. You need to address this problem.

Sounds familiar? Then you are at the right place.

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Your growth, our mission

At 24/SALES, we combine years of experience with a fresh, no-nonsense approach to help you find your way to the top.
We do this by building a growth structure, developing a growth mindset and generating high-quality leads. Our services range from Branding to Content Creation and from Strategic Consulting to Training & Coaching. Each of these services is designed to help B2B companies, entrepreneurs and salespeople achieve their business goals.

We understand that you don’t want vague promises and complicated jargon. That’s why we keep it simple and effective. We look at what makes your business unique, identify opportunities and turn them into measurable results.
Our strategies are designed and aligned with your specific needs and challenges. We maximize efficiency, increase customer engagement and open doors to new market opportunities.

Are you ready to turn your challenges into successes? With 24/SALES, you grow fast, focused and with confidence.

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Where ambition and action come together

We are 24/SALES. A collective of dedicated professionals with a passion for growth and freedom. We are innovators, dreamers and above all fast movers and shakers with a typical Rotterdam mentality. Straightforward, no-nonsense, but always with a heart for the business.

We believe in the power of creativity, in the importance of continuous improvement and in the pleasure of doing business. But above all, we believe in harmony within organisations, where everyone feels connected and valued.

At 24/SALES, everything is about connection, communication and cooperation. We do not work for you, but with you. Together, we build a future where your business grows not only in size, but also in reach, impact and value. With decisiveness as our guide, we take on every challenge.

Growth Solutions

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B2B Sales starts with Social

LinkedIn is the world’s leading social business platform.

Growing user base of 800+ million
0 M+
of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn
0 %
Makes daily use of the platform
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“We had ambitious growth goals. We just did not manage to maintain the high growth rate.

We worked on setting clear goals, making choices, providing focus, a concrete plan and a pragmatic approach and control of our commercial activities.

And with success: “We now have more peace, focus, predictability and we know how to draw up a commercial plan to actually achieve it.

“Already in the third month this year, we started seeing the results.”

Pieter Jacob Leenman – CEO MAQQIE

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Your growth, our mission

With 24/SALES, we work with you on growth and freedom.

We combine creativity, strategy and innovation with our mentality. This is how we turn challenges into results.

Do you want to stand out in your field? Give your sales a boost?

Or just continue to grow? Let’s do it together.