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Together, we make the difference in marketing and sales.


24/SALES has one mission:
To help B2B companies grow. Only for companies with guts. Forget step by step, together we take the leap!

It’s actually quite simple.

We build a solid growth structure and operations.

We also help you develop a growth mindset, so you’re always ready to take that next step.

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24/SALES envisions a future where companies, regardless of size or sector, have access to first-class marketing and sales strategies and execution.

Where companies not only survive, but remain successful in the digital jungle.

We believe that any sustainable business can grow with the right guidance, commitment and tools.

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At 24/SALES everything revolves around our customers, guided by core values:

freedom, connection, and progress.

Committed to deliver top-tier services, fostering innovation, and ensuring continuous growth.

Our approach is designed to achieve results, helping businesses excel in their respective fields.

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André Hageraats


My name is André, active in the ICT & Tech industry for 25 years. During my career, I have held various positions, from sales & account manager to business development & partner director. Most recently, I have held interim CCO and CTO roles and (re-)structured commercial and tech teams.

My strength lies in building strong relationships, with an eye for the smallest details and always ready for action. Professional, analytical and reliable are my best qualities.

I have a passion for forming and connecting teams and strive to optimise business results.
Outside my work, I have several interests, including reading, sports and music.

With 24/SALES, my clear goal is to support entrepreneurs in growing their business.
I offer the necessary strategies, methodologies and systems for sustainable success.

Niels Behrens

Growth Consultant 24/SALES

I am Niels, an ambitious professional with more than 10 years of experience in sales & account management, gaining my experience in the IT tech, FMCG & Hospitality sectors.

My characteristics? I am a hard worker, a go-getter and bursting with energy. My passion extends not only to my own personal development, but also to encouraging growth in people around me.

Outside my work, I am an adventurer at heart. My hobbies include kitesurfing, road cycling, mountain hiking and scuba diving. In essence, I am constantly looking for new and beautiful places to discover.

With 24/SALES, I fulfil the role of bridge builder between technology and practice. My goal is to help companies connect these two worlds, ultimately resulting in growth and success.

Laurence Witte

Managing Partner 24/SALES

I am Laurence, a dynamic professional with a passion for growth and connection. My organisational talent and curiosity have led me through several careers. Ranging from interior stylist to event manager and from teacher to marketer.

As a true ‘social butterfly’, I get my energy from social interactions and am known for my positive energy, sympathy and accessibility. In short, I am a connector pur sang.

I am someone who likes to work according to a structured plan, but I am also flexible when improvisation is needed. Outside my work, I have various interests, such as music, theatre and films.

With 24/SALES, I see an opportunity to help companies grow by identifying and capturing their untapped potential. My goal is to achieve measurable results and take clients through a clear roadmap that focuses on analysis, connection and growth.


Direct, honest and clear


Grow with the freedom to make a real impact


Connecting inside and outside your team


Building relations with a smile


Innovative strategies that inspire

Your growth, our mission

With 24/SALES, we partner with you for growth and freedom.

We combine creativity, strategy and innovation with our mentality. This is how we turn challenges into results.

Do you want to stand out in your field? Boost your sales?

Or just grow further? Let’s do it together.

Your growth,
our mission

24/SALES is your partner on the road to success. By focusing on solid growth structures and high-quality leads, we provide a solid foundation.

With a combination of experience and innovation, we turn challenges into opportunities. With us, your growth and success always come first.

No hassle, no fuss.

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